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Air Separation Plant for Water & Wastewater

Oxygen is used in oxidation technologies for treating municipal and industrial wastewater to make it fit for reuse for various applications. We design and manufacture air separation plants to meet the requirements of businesses involved in cleaning up effluents from wastewater.

Cleaning up water for drinking

Water disinfection technologies also use oxygen for making water fit for drinking. It is used for meeting the needs of communities and complying with stringent requirements.

Oxygenation in aquaculture

Oxygen is used in hatcheries fish farms for raising healthier and tastier trout. There is no denying the fact that healthier trout will fetch you excellent prices and will grow the market for your produce. It makes sense to invest in oxygen systems for ensuring adequate supply of oxygen for the fish farms,

Advantages of using oxygen for water treatment

  • Improve wastewater treatment capacity of an existing plant
  • Enhance nitrification and settling efficiency
  • To eliminate color for discharge or reuse
  • Minimize odors, foams and VOCs
  • Eliminate dangerous contaminants
  • Increase the level of the dissolved oxygen(DO)

Applications of water and wastewater technologies


One can use various technologies for aeration that use pure oxygen, ozone and advanced oxidation.  Businesses can opt for modular water treatment solutions for increasing efficiency and lessening environmental impact.  There are waste-free advanced technologies delivering low-cost and effective results.


It involves providing pure oxygen to hatcheries and fish farms for maintaining adequate dissolved oxygen levels.  Numerous studies have demonstrated higher productivity in ponds, hatcheries and fish farms and lessening the risk of trout getting sick.