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Air Separation Unit Process Description

Air Separation Unit Process:

Nitrogen and oxygen are amongst the most consumed industrial gases in various industrial processes. Both gases make almost most of Earth’s atmosphere with traces of other gases. Oxygen is necessary for sustaining life on the planet. Obviously, it is used extensively in medical and industrial applications. Because of its high reactivity, it is valued for improving productivity and sustaining industrial processes. Nitrogen is valued for their inerting property that finds applications in multiple industries.  Industrial and medical applications require high purity oxygen and nitrogen. Air separation unit process based on cryogenic distillation is used for production of high purity industrial gases.

How Air Separation Unit Process Works

To understand its working, we will require complete air separation unit process description. The unit’s process starts with taking the air from atmosphere and compressing it inside the ASU. Afterwards, the air is sent into a cleanup system where impurities like moisture, carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons are removed. Then, the air is moved through heat exchangers cooling it to extremely low temperatures. Now, the air entered into a high pressure distillation column where it is separated into a vaporous form of nitrogen at the top of the column and liquid oxygen is formed at the bottom of the column. It is moved to a low pressure distillation column where it is distilled till it meets commercial specifications.

Manufactured With Highest Quality Standards

Our manufacturing is done with the best materials and components bought from the approved and well-known vendors. Air separation plant needs the latest technology along with high grade stainless steel column for efficient working. Argon welding imparts smooth designing to our plant machinery. Strict compliance with internationally approved standards is observed without fail. We have been awarded with CE certification for our excellent quality control. Commitment to maintaining quality is our first priority.