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Industrial gases such as nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide are used in various phases of pulp and paper making process. The industrial gases are important for processes for inerting, chemical recovery, delignification, ph control, wastewater treatment, etc. By using the gases the process of pulp and paper making becomes streamlined and economical because of numerous advantages like low chemical consumption, low operational costs & emissions, odor control, reduced energy consumption and enhanced efficiency. We help the businesses by supplying them high quality air separation plant for onsite generation of industrial gases, which is amazing for saving time, costs and improving efficiency.

Oxygen indispensable for bleaching, delignification & ozone production

Oxygen as bleaching chemical

Oxygen is vital as a bleaching chemical because in the manufacturing of top quality bleached pulp the lignin in the pulp has to be removed in a bleaching process. Traditionally, chlorine was used for bleaching process but now oxygen is used for the process as it reduces water pollution. Oxygen along with caustic soda can replace chlorine dioxide and hypochlorite for the bleaching process with costs reduced significantly.

Use of oxygen in delignificatio

It is used for removal of 40-50% of the residual lignin in non-bleached pulp and is effective in significantly reducing the amount of chemicals needed for further processing. This helps in decreasing the operating costs. Oxygen is also useful for reduction of the emission of chlorinated by-products and lowers the toxic content in wastewater.

Oxygen in ozone production

Oxygen is needed for production of zone through an electric discharge on an oxygen gas stream. Ozone is unstable at room temperature and has to be produced from oxygen onsite. There is decrease of consumption of bleaching consumption of bleaching chemicals and effluent load as oxygen offers efficient delignification.

Nitrogen essential for inerting and blanketing

Nitrogen has vital importance in the process pulp & paper making because of inerting and blanketing properties of the element. It finds extensive applications in pulp & paper mills in applications such as chlorine rail cars, piping, tanks, silos for plants with pneumatic ash handling, etc.

Carbon dioxide for pulp washing, pH maintenance and wastewater treatment

Carbon dioxide is useful in enhancing production in pulp washing and decreasing corrosion in paper machines by replacing acids for pH control. It is used for pH control and oxygen is used odor control apart from secondary water treatment.