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Pharmaceutical applications of oxygen

Oxygen is an important non-metallic element that is used in numerous chemical and pharmaceutical applications. In fact, chemical industry is the 2nd largest consumer of industrially produced oxygen. It is used for running various oxidation processes like making of ethylene oxide, propylene oxide, etc. Industries use oxygen plants for generation of oxygen, which is valued for its high reactivity. It is known to form oxides with almost all elements barring a few noble gases. It is also used as a synthesis gas with partial oxidation of numerous hydrocarbons, ethylene dichloride, hydrogen peroxide, nitric acid, vinyl chloride and phthalic acid.

Oxygen is used on a large scale in coal gasification. This is done to produce a synthesis gas which is used as a synthesis gas which is kept as chemical feedstock.

Pharmaceutical applications of oxygen

Chemical & Pharmaceutical

Oxygen is widely used in fermenters and bioreactors. There is no denying that it is crucial for cell growth.  It is also used in pharmaceutical industry for manufacturing wide range of medications. It is very interesting time for pharmaceutical industry as new innovations are coming in the industry every day. With increase in demand for pharmaceutical produced by fermentation, the capacity shortage can limit your profits. With the continued supply of oxygen and using the innovative technologies on can increase production in short span of time with minimum allocation of capital resources of time.

Use of nitrogen in chemical industry

Primarily, nitrogen is used for creating ammonia which is needed for fertilizers, explosives, and other materials.  However, there are numerous other applications as well from food packaging to pharmaceuticals. It is fact that you would find nitrogen used in so many applications that you will find it hard to imagine.

Food packaging

Compressed nitrogen is used for displacing oxygen in the packaging of perishable foods. It lengthens the shelf life of meats, fruits, vegetables and snacks. Nitrogen is also used for cushioning food for safety during transportation.

Chemical Blanketing:

Nitrogen is used for preventing fires and explosions in risky environment like chemical plants or manufacturing facilities by keeping oxygen level below explosive limits.


Nitrogen is used for soldering two electronic components. It assists in reducing surface tension ensuring cleaner break from the site of the electrical bond. Also used in computer’s processing system to stop overheating.


Laboratories need a very specific environment to make sure that tests and results are done accurately. Nitrogen is used for controlling oxygen levels, humidity and temperature. It maintains an appropriate atmosphere for sensitive procedures and equipment. There are numerous equipments that need nitrogen purging.

Laser Cutting

Use of nitrogen as a purging gas in the steel industry is important. Nitrogen is used as an assist gas for blowing away molten material and creates a stronger stainless product resistant to corrosion.