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Cryogenic Liquid Nitrogen Plant

We are trusted for manufacturing, fabricating and supplying liquid oxygen (LOX) & liquid nitrogen (LIN) plants that are trusted by our clients for efficiency, reliability and durability. Both nitrogen & oxygen are important gases and are used extensively in industrial and medical applications. Our LOX/LIN plants are manufactured using the best quality materials and components. Our plant is trusted for its reliability, efficiency and long durability. And, nitrogen is known as the largest industrial gas and oxygen is the 2nd largest gas. Industries now use LOX/LIN plant for generation of onsite oxygen & nitrogen for use in wide range of industries.

It is said that around 50 million tons of nitrogen is produced annually. Oxygen is also produced on a large scale annually. One can discern the importance of the industrial gases by seeing their annual production around the globe. In order to build the best quality LOX/LIN plants, we have entered into a technical collaboration with an Italian company, ING. L. & A. Boschi. The Italian company has been manufacturing oxygen machinery since 1930s and is acclaimed for world-class machinery. Boschi technology and designing is used in manufacturing and fabricating.

LOX/LIN is generated by liquefaction of atmospheric air in the air separation unit (ASU) by continuous cryogenic distillation. To begin with, atmospheric air is compressed after being let into the air separation unit. It is then moved in the molecular sieve where impurities such as moisture, hydrocarbons and carbon dioxide. The process air is then moved into heat exchangers where it is cooled into cryogenic temperature. After, it is moved into high pressure distillation column where oxygen is formed at the top of the column and nitrogen at the bottom. The gases are distilled to meet purification market specification. Then, the gases are collected into liquid storage.

Why You Should Choose Our Liquid Nitrogen Plant

We manufacture cryogenic air separation nitrogen plant the best designs and the latest cutting-edge cryogenic technology. Our designs, technology and manufacturing expertise have been acquired from ING L A Boschi Italy, which is an internationally acclaimed air separation plant manufacturing company since 1930. As you can see we have inherited over 87 years of experience and expertise. Over last 30 years we have improved upon the ING L A Boschi techniques, expertise and designing to remain ahead of technological innovations. Our manufacturing is competent enough to meet international specifications and standards. We are a CE and ISO 9001:2008 certified company offering our products under the globally recognized from ING. L. & A. BOSCHI ITALY brand. The company fabricates and supplies customizable air separation systems

State of the Art Manufacturing Facility

We have one of the largest air separation manufacturing and testing facility at our factory in New Delhi (India). Over the years, the company has been able to corner 30% share of world market for 10m3/hr to 1000m3/hr. For uninterrupted and hassle-free working we have also got 3 MW horse power generating unit inside the factory. We strictly comply with the highest quality controls system to ensure that our air separation products are at par with the best in the world. Our customers must understand the importance of an “A” type CE quality European brand name and technology. It encompasses installation, commissioning and designing guaranteeing world-class performance. Our plants are equipped with an integrated vaporizer and molecular sieves of ZEOCHEM, Switzerland with a liquid oxygen pump for filling oxygen into cylinders.

MODEL RANGE—50 LITRES/hr to 50,000 LITRES/hr

LOX/LIN plant can generate liquid oxygen/ nitrogen with high purity. The plant is manufactured with leak proof stainless steel column & is skid mounted. It allows 100% liquid production for filling liquid tanks.


LIQUID OXYGEN: – Oxygen purity 99.7% at (150-160 Bar) for Oxygen cylinder filling & LIQUID NITROGEN:- High purity Nitrogen 99.99% (ppm optional) or cylinder filling.


The Liquid Oxygen and Liquid Nitrogen Tanks directly are directly filled from the air separation plant.


Liquid nitrogen is a cryogenic liquid having boiling point (−195.79 °C) and freezing point −210 °C. It is produced commercially by cryogenic separation. It has expansion ratio of 1:696 under 1 standard atmosphere (100 kPa) and 20 °C.  It means one liter of liquid nitrogen can generate 696 liters of gaseous nitrogen. It is easy to store and transport.

Liquid nitrogen is generated by liquefaction of atmospheric air and separation of nitrogen from other gases. It is used for preserving integrity and freshness of food products. It is also used for preserving biological specimens such as semen, blood and removal of skin warts.

Generating onsite nitrogen is very economical as compared to subscribing nitrogen cylinders. It would save you a lot of money over the years. Return on investment (ROI) on nitrogen is impressive and would allow you to break even within two years.

Our nitrogen plant can generate unlimited nitrogen 24*7 without ever running out of nitrogen supply. One can generate nitrogen for storage for future use.

Space required for installation of nitrogen would depend on the size of the nitrogen plant. The bigger the capacity of the plant the greater the space required.

Liquid nitrogen has numerous applications in healthcare industry like removal of skin warts and it is also used in cryo-surgery. It is also used for storage of biological specimens like semen and blood.

Cryogenic Liquid Nitrogen Separation Plant Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications
UBTLN-50 50 73 99.99 To 99.99999%
UBTLN-100 100 145 99.99 To 99.99999%
UBTLN-200 200 218 99.99 To 99.99999%
UBTLN-300 300 435 99.99 To 99.99999%
UBTLN-400 400 578 99.99 To 99.99999%
UBTLN-500 500 724 99.99 To 99.99999%
UBTLN-1000 1000 1440 99.99 To 99.99999%
UBTLN-1500 1500 2171 99.99 To 99.99999%
UBTLN-2000 2000 2894 99.99 To 99.99999%
UBTLN-3000 3000 4341 99.99 To 99.99999%
UBTLN-4000 4000 5788 99.99 To 99.99999%
UBTLN-5000 5000 7235 99.99 To 99.99999%