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Water & Wastewater

Oxygen is used in oxidation technologies for treating municipal and industrial wastewater to make it fit for reuse for various applications. We design and manufacture air separation plants to meet the requirements of businesses involved in cleaning up effluents from wastewater. Cleaning up water for drinking Water disinfection technologies also use oxygen for making water […]

Pulp & Paper

Industrial gases such as nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide are used in various phases of pulp and paper making process. The industrial gases are important for processes for inerting, chemical recovery, delignification, ph control, wastewater treatment, etc. By using the gases the process of pulp and paper making becomes streamlined and economical because of numerous […]

Rubber & Plastics

Rubber and plastic industry requires extensive use of nitrogen. We are here to provide the industry high quality liquid nitrogen plants so they have the option of onsite generation of nitrogen and their processes keep working uninterrupted. We have offer comprehensive industrial gas plant solutions to ensure seamless production of nitrogen. Our systems will undeniably […]

Cryogenic Air Separation Plant Process

Oxygen and nitrogen are two of the most industrially consumed gases. Cryogenic air separation plant process is used for producing high purity oxygen or nitrogen for industrial as well as medical applications. Planet Earth’s atmosphere is so full of nitrogen and oxygen that they make up almost the entire atmosphere.  Nitrogen comprises around 78.03% of […]

Air Separation Unit Process Description

Nitrogen and oxygen are amongst the most consumed industrial gases in various industrial processes. Both gases make almost most of Earth’s atmosphere with traces of other gases. Oxygen is necessary for sustaining life on the planet. Obviously, it is used extensively in medical and industrial applications. Because of its high reactivity, it is valued for […]

Industrial gases like oxygen, nitrogen and argon are produced and supplied in both gas and liquid form. They are transported in cylinders or as bulk liquid and also through pipelines as gas. In the steely industry, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and argon are used. Steel industry: The largest consumer of oxygen Oxygen is a non-metallic element […]

Food & Beverage

Nitrogen and oxygen are widely used in the food industry for preservation of quality of food and extend their life. Nitrogen is used for all types of packaging including HFFS (horizontal form-fill-seal) or VFFS (vertical form-fill-seal). We manufacture nitrogen plants that can be used for onsite nitrogen production for following applications: Nitrogen inerting and blanketing […]

Oil & Gas

Oxygen is mainly used as the main oxidizing agent oil and gas. However, compressed process air is still used but use of pure gaseous oxygen is preferred as it is more effective. Elimination of inert gases must be transported through the system with air oxidation yields numerous advantages like reduced costs and lesser environment impact. […]

Chemical & Pharmaceutical

Oxygen is an important non-metallic element that is used in numerous chemical and pharmaceutical applications. In fact, chemical industry is the 2nd largest consumer of industrially produced oxygen. It is used for running various oxidation processes like making of ethylene oxide, propylene oxide, etc. Industries use oxygen plants for generation of oxygen, which is valued […]

Medical & Healthcare

Oxygen is extensively used in medical/healthcare because of its importance in sustaining life on the planet earth. Applications of the non-metallic gas cannot be over-emphasized as it is used in surgery, intensive care treatment, inhalation therapy, etc. However, it is imperative that high standards of purity must be maintained. Handling of the oxygen equipment used […]