Cryogenic Air Separation Plant Process

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Cryogenic Air Separation Plant Process

Oxygen and nitrogen are two of the most industrially consumed gases. Cryogenic air separation plant process is used for producing high purity oxygen or nitrogen for industrial as well as medical applications. Planet Earth’s atmosphere is so full of nitrogen and oxygen that they make up almost the entire atmosphere.  Nitrogen comprises around 78.03% of the atmosphere and oxygen makes up around 21% of the atmosphere.  Combined they constitute around 99% of the atmosphere with traces of other gases amount to the remaining 1 per cent. The process of the plant is based on the technique developed by Linde & Claude, developed in 1930s.

Manufactured With High Quality Materials And Technology

Cryogenic air separation plant is manufactured with the latest cryogenic distillation technology. Only the best quality materials are used in the making of the plant machinery. Process of air separation plant requires liquefaction of atmospheric air followed by separation into oxygen and nitrogen. It is considered the best technique for producing oxygen and nitrogen on a large scale with high purity. We use high quality materials and components in the fabricating. We have engineers having world-class expertise in designing air separation plants.  We are one of the few manufacturers that use stainless steel column and argon welding to ensure efficiency, durability and reliability.

Globally Acceptable Quality Standard

Our manufacturing has earned us the trust and respect of clients from over 60 countries. So many customers across the continents are using our plants and are fully satisfied with quality, performance and designing.  They have life-cycle of over 25 years during which our machinery would require minimum maintenance. Our precision- engineered plants are known for low power consumption saving a lot on your energy bills. For our compliance with global standards, we have received CE certification.