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Oxygen & Nitrogen Gas Plant

Gases oxygen/gaseous nitrogen (GOX/GAN) plant is used for generating oxygen and nitrogen in the gaseous form. Gaseous oxygen produced in our plants has purity up to 99.7%, which is sufficient for medical and industrial applications. We use the latest technology in the manufacturing of air separation plants. We have technical collaboration with of ING. L. & Boschi since 1985 for exclusively using their cryogenic distillation process for manufacturing plant machinery for export throughout the world. We benchmark our quality standards with the best in the world.

Atmospheric air is let into air separation unit and is compressed in the air compressors. Molecular sieves designed and developed by Boschi are used for removing impurities from process air such as carbon dioxide, moisture and hydrocarbons. The air is cooled to cryogenic temperatures. The air is then moved into high pressure distillation columns where nitrogen is separated from oxygen and other gas & distilled further to achieve desired purity.  Leak-proof stainless steel columns are used. Latest pump technology is used to fill bone dry high oxygen/nitrogen in cylinders.

We have become the trusted GOX/GAN plant manufacturer in the world because our customers understand our commitment to make & supply the best plant machinery.  We use the quality materials in our fabricating and manufacturing. Our GOX/GAN plants are fully automated requiring only one semi-skilled operator to run it. It is equipped with digital color display panel that can shutdown the plant if nitrogen or oxygen purity falls below the specified limit. Our engineers and technicians are highly skilled in smooth implementation, erection and commissioning. Our customers trust our plant machinery of delivering solid performance during its entire life cycle.

Design & Technology

The company has got over 87 years of experience acquired from ING. L. & A. BOSCHI ITALY, which is one of the oldest brands in air separation industry. We have acquired design, technology and manufacturing skills from ING. L. & A. BOSCHI ITALY. And we have sharpened and developed those skills over a period of 30 years.  Our air separation products meet international specifications. Moreover, we are CE and ISO 9001:2008 certified company offering all our products under the internationally acclaimed Boschi brand.  We have manufactured and customized air separation plants for well-known brands and governmental establishments in compliance with world-class engineering standards.

Our Manufacturing Facility

We have been operating our Boschi factory in New Delhi since 1997. The company has also installed one of the largest air separation plant manufacturing and testing facility with 30% global market share for cryogenic oxygen nitrogen plants with capacities from 10 M3/Hour to 1000 M3/hour. Our factory has got onsite 3 MW in-house power generation. We have the technology and expertise to manufacture air separation products with the highest standards. In comparison with our competitors, we have got versatile designs which work better in climatic and work conditions of developing countries including Africa, South America, Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

MODEL RANGE —25 m3/hr to 10,000 m3/hr

With leak proof stainless steel column and skid mounted version for high purity medical and industrial uses. Our Gas Oxygen/Nitrogen Plants are used for filling high pressure Oxygen/nitrogen gas in cylinders/bottles by oxygen/nitrogen pump.


GAS OXYGEN: – Oxygen purity 99.7% at (150-160 Bar) for Oxygen cylinder filling & GAS NITROGEN: – High purity Nitrogen 99.99% (PPM optional) or cylinder filling.


The high pressure oxygen gas at 165-200 bar coming out from cold box (air separation column) at 99.7% purity will be filled directly in the oxygen cylinders in a oxygen cylinder filling manifold.


Installing GOX/GAN plant is beneficial in the long run compared to using nitrogen cylinders.  You will start to be in profit after two years.

Most of industrial & medical applications require oxygen purity up to 99.7%. Our nitrogen can plant can generate nitrogen with purity up to 99.9999%, which meets industrial & medical specifications.

Our oxygen/nitrogen generators/ plants have a long life. Life cycle of our generators is over 25 years. Stay assured of a profitable investment that will yield profits for a long time.

Yes, we can customize nitrogen & oxygen generators exactly as per your requirements of purity, capacity and pressure.

Our nitrogen generators are equipped with digital display control panel that continuously monitors purity of oxygen. If purity falls below the required level, it shuts off the generator and sets off an alarm.

Oxygen Nitrogen Plant Technical Specification

Technical Specification


MODEL CAPACITY IN M3/HOUR NUMBER OF CYLINDERS PER DAY Purity of oxygen produced Pressure of oxygen in cylinders
OXYGEN NITROGEN PLANTS UB-25 25 100 99.7% 150-200 BAR
UB-50 50 200 99.7% 150-200 BAR
UB-80 80 300 99.7% 150-200 BAR
UB-100 100 400 99.7% 150-200 BAR
UB-150 150 600 99.7% 150-200 BAR
UB-200 200 800 99.7% 150-200 BAR
UB-300 300 1200 99.7% 150-200 BAR
UB-400 400 1600 99.7% 150-200 BAR
UB-500 500 2000 99.7% 150-200 BAR
UB-1000 1000 4000 99.7% 150-200 BAR