Cryogenic Liquid Oxygen Separation Plant

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Cryogenic Liquid Oxygen Separation Plant

Liquid oxygen (LOX) plant is an industrial system that taps air from atmosphere which is then compressed in the air compressor.  After being compressed, the air is put into a cleanup system where impurities such as carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons and moisture are removed.  Then, the air is directed into a heat exchanger where it gets cooled to cryogenic temperatures. Here, the air is directed into the high pressure distillation column where oxygen is formed at the top of the column and nitrogen is formed at the bottom.  Lox plant is fabricated & designed as per the standard designing principles. We manufacture liquid oxygen (LOX) as per internationally approved standards.

The latest cryogenic distillation technology is used in the manufacturing LOX plants. The best components are used in the fabrication. We have entered into a technical collaboration with ING. L. & A. Boschi, Italy. The Italian company is known for manufacturing and fabricating LOX plants and other oxygen products for over 70 years. We use Boschi technology and designing in the manufacturing of cryogenic plants.  High quality materials are used in our manufacturing. Once the plant is readied for it is put through rigorous testing before being cleared for sale to our customers across the globe.

Oxygen is a highly reactive gas and is useful for its application in various industries.  Customers from al over the globe prefer our LOX plants because of our commitment to deliver top quality machinery. We provide full technical support in installation, erection and commissioning at client’s site. LOX plants are now the more preferred choice because liquid oxygen is easy to store and transport. One liter of liquid oxygen yields 861 liters of gaseous oxygen under certain conditions. This is the reason why liquid oxygen storage is preferred. And, there is way less chance of leakages.

MODEL RANGE—50 LITRES/hr to 50,000 LITRES/hr

LOX plants with capacities from 50 liters/hr to 50,000liters/hr are equipped with leak proof stainless steel column.   Also avail 100% liquid production for filling liquid tanks. LOX plants are skid mounted and are used for getting high purity oxygen for industrial and medical uses.


LIQUID OXYGEN: – Oxygen purity 99.7% at (150-160 Bar) for Oxygen cylinder filling & LIQUID NITROGEN:- High purity Nitrogen 99.99% (ppm optional) or cylinder filling.


The high pressure oxygen gas at 165-200 bar coming out from cold box (air separation column) at 99.7% purity will be filled directly in the oxygen cylinders filling manifold.


Q) What is liquid oxygen?

Liquid oxygen (LOX) is a cryogenic liquid having freezing point of (−182.96 °C) and boiling point of (−182.96 °C at 101.325 kPa.  It has expansion ratio of 1:861 under 1 standard atmosphere (100 kPa) and 20 °C. In other words, one liter of liquid oxygen can make 861 liters of gaseous oxygen. It is easy to store and transport.

Q) How liquid oxygen is produced?

Liquid oxygen is produced by liquefaction of atmospheric air and separation of oxygen from other gases such as nitrogen, argon and other rare elements. It is a strong oxidizing agent that can burn any organic material.

Q) Is it economical to produce onsite oxygen than purchasing oxygen cylinders?

It is quite cost-effective to generate oxygen using onsite oxygen generator/plant. Return on investment is less than 2 years.

Q) How effective is your on-site oxygen plant in meeting your requirements?

With our oxygen generator, you can avail guaranteed supply of oxygen 24*7. Oxygen cylinders can be used as backup for future emergencies.

Q) How much space is required for installing oxygen cylinder/plant?

Oxygen generator does not require big space as it is not regulated under any spatial constraints unlike oxygen cylinders, oxygen plant or liquid storage tanks.

Q) What is medical oxygen?

Medical oxygen is generated with purity up to 99.7% and meets the criteria of European & Indian Pharmacopeia.   It also meets specifications of identification, odor, CO2 not more than 0.03% and CO not more than 0.001% in gas.

Technical Specification Data
Production UBTL-50 UBTL-100 UBTL-200 UBTL-300 UBTL-400 UBTL-500
Liquid Oxygen output(liters per hour) 60 120 235 350 470 590
Purity Oxygen (%) 99.7 99.7 99.7 99.7 99.7 99.7
Liquid nitrogen output(liters per hour) 73 144 290 435 578 700
Purity nitrogen (%) 99% to 99.999%or ppm 99% to 99.999%or ppm 99% to 99.999%or ppm 99% to 99.999%or ppm 99% to 99.999%or ppm 99% to 99.999%or ppm