Medical Air Separation Plant for Oxygen Production

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Oxygen is an important element not only for its biological necessity but also for its industrial application. It goes without saying that without oxygen it is not possible to sustain life. Thus, the use of oxygen in medical applications is understandable. In industrial applications, it is used in wide array of industries including steelmaking, metallurgy, glassware, etc.  In fact, it is known as the second largest used gas after nitrogen. In the wake of the global pandemic, namely, COVID-19, the demand for air separation plant has increased many times, especially, for medical purposes. We have increased our manufacturing in order to meet the surge in demand.

Over a period of more than 35 years, we have been manufacturing and supplying air separation plants to our clients in over 60 countries.  All this while we always gave priority to quality and to ensure that our customers experience efficiency, reliability, durability and seamless performance when they install our plant machinery. This earned us the trust of our customers and it is they who advance our brand which is based on quality and customer satisfaction. Also, our customer service is fully geared up for resolving any sort of issue faced by the clients. Our after sales service is noted for its quickness in responding to customer queries.

Our air separation plant is able to generate desired gases by liquefaction of atmospheric air in the air separation unit and separating them into their constituent gases which are then distilled in high and low pressure distillation columns for getting the gases with desired purities. Functioning of the machinery is based on the latest cryogenic air separation technology. And, we use the best materials and components in the fabricating. We are one of the few engineering companies that use high quality argon welding and high-grade stainless steel in fabrication of the plant machinery.