Important Aspects of Air Separation Plant

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Industrial gases like oxygen and nitrogen have become a necessity for sustaining industrial processes. In order to meet industrial gas requirements we have industries use air separation plant to generate oxygen, nitrogen and other gases. Oxygen is not required in industrial processes but it is essential for sustaining life on the planet earth. Because of its biological necessity it is very useful in medical science. Hospitals now need oxygen on a large scale for treatment of various health conditions. Nitrogen is also used wide range of industries and biochemical sciences. In fact, nitrogen is known as the largest industrial gas and oxygen, on the other hand, is known as the 2nd largest industrial gas.

We have been in the industrial gas plant manufacturing for over 35 years and have earned the trust of customers around the globe. During these three decades, we have emerged as the leading air separation manufacturer, which is reputed for constructing air separation unit and air separation plant with the latest cryogenic distillation technology.  There is no denying the fact that this technology is considered the most efficient for fabricating industrial gas systems for generating high purity oxygen and nitrogen.  Decidedly, we use the best materials and components in the making of our machinery.

Oxygen and nitrogen are generated by taking air from the atmosphere which is then liquefied in the air separation unit (ASU). Our industrial systems are fully automated and come equipped with the latest features. Moreover, they also save your power bill as they are optimized for lower power consumption. And, you will also incur lower maintenance expenses because our oxygen and nitrogen plants are solidly designed for reliable performance. Above all, our air separation plants have CE certification because of strict compliance with international standards. Our plants are guaranteed to generate high purity gases and last for years.