How To Start Medical Oxygen Plant

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Starting medical oxygen plant is easy as you just have to find a reputed medical oxygen plant manufacturer trusted for supplying oxygen systems. The manufacturer will require your technical specifications and will customize the machinery accordingly. Oxygen is a biological necessity for maintaining life on the planet earth. It is a fact that no life is possible without oxygen. Hospitals require oxygen for various purposes including resuscitation, inhalation, COPD, cyanosis, shock, severe hemorrhage, carbon monoxide poisoning, major trauma, cardiac/respiratory arrest. It is also of great help in resuscitation & cardiovascular stability and providing life support.

Before starting medical oxygen plant for meeting the oxygen requirements of your hospital, it is imperative that you have a feasibility study done in order to know exactly how much oxygen you would need on a daily basis. There are numerous trusted consultancies providing medical oxygen plant report that details market trends, technical specifications, customary oxygen usage hospitals, etc. This report will be able to equip you with knowledge to aid in getting a good deal. It is imperative that oxygen plant for hospitals must be solidly manufactured with the best materials. We are one of the best medical oxygen plant manufacturing companies offering wide range of oxygen systems.

Medical oxygen plant is used for generating oxygen with high purity for patients. The plant for meeting medical requirements must meet certain specifications. It is necessary that the purity of oxygen must be 99.7% or above compliance with the standards of Indian and European Pharmacopeia must be observed. Oxygen system for hospitals also satisfy the specifications of identification, Odor, CO2 not more than 0.03% and CO not more than 0.001% in gas. We use the latest cryogenic distillation technology in the fabricating and manufacturing of the machinery. Being fully automated, the plant would require only one semi-skilled operator.