Good Quality Liquid Nitrogen Gas Plant for Sale in China

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We manufacture and export 200m3/hour nitrogen gas plant to medium to small scale industries all across the globe. Advanced technology and solid designing is used in the making of nitrogen gas plant allowing it to produce gaseous nitrogen (GAN). Our manufacturing is accomplished in technical collaboration with ING. L. A. Boschi, Italy. Our GAN plant can easily be customized to produce 50% gases nitrogen and 50% liquid nitrogen. We employ high-grade stainless steel column to give solidity and durability to the machinery. Our GAN/LIN plants are distinguished by their reliability, efficiency and durability. Best quality components are used in the making of the machinery. Internationally approved manufacturing processes are employed.

Even though it is a competitive market yet we are offering nitrogen gas plants for sale in China. Our N2 plants are designed with the state of the art technology. It is based on the Linde & Claude process which was developed in 1930s. The process works on the principles of cryogenics and the designing of the plants is done using materials that can withstand extreme pressure and temperature. However, it will not be exaggeration to say that air separation column is the most important part of the plant machinery. In fact, it can be called the heart of the machinery since it performs the main function of plant which is to separate nitrogen from oxygen and other gases.

Since air separation plant is such a vital component, it is important that it is fabricated with the with best quality materials. We use cryogenic grade stainless steel in the fabrication. This is because when the plant generates liquid nitrogen the equipment should be able to withstand extreme temperature and pressure. Fabrication is completed with argon welding, which is the highest quality welding. It is understandable that the column accounts for almost 60% of the cost of nitrogen plant. Since the establishment of our company in 1985, we have sold over more than 300 nitrogen plants. Our manufacturing is completely undertaken in compliance with the best quality standards. Our plant machinery CE certified guaranteeing reliable and efficient performance.