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Cryogenic process is considered the most efficient technology for on-site production of industrial &medical gases as oxygen and nitrogen. There is no denying the fact that on-site production of oxygen and nitrogen offers numerous advantages over getting the gases supplied from a nearby production plant. We manufacture, fabricate and supply a wide range of cryogenic plants for production of oxygen, nitrogen and argon.  We design and build the plants with the best materials and the latest technology.

Global Leader In Cryogenic Plant Manufacturing

We are one of the leading manufacturers of cryogenic air separation plants that can generate gases with purity up to 99.9999999 %( 9.0 grade) ranging from 20 cubic meters per hour to 5000 cubic meters per hour. A global leader in cryogenic plant designing and fabricating, we offer a complete line of efficient and reliable plant machinery, which is trusted by the clients all over the globe.  The cryogenic process was developed by Linde & Claude in 1930s and has since been adapted as per the advancement of the technology. However, it must be noted that cryogenic process has seen significant developments since the days of Linde & Claude. And, our company has innovated and incorporated the new developments in our manufacturing.

Benefits Of Using 

There are numerous benefits of operating an onsite cryogenic air separation plants. Firstly, you will not have to worry about delivery of industrial gases for sustaining your business. Industrial gas cylinder supplies are erratic and the business suffers from the delay.  Installation of the plant will allow you to generate as much oxygen or nitrogen as you want and when you want.  Each of our plants functions reliably and efficiently. They reflect years of designing and operating experience. We are precision driven and use computer-aided engineering design approach to assess and develop an air separation plant to meet your requirements.