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We offer air separation unit (ASU) for sale at very attractive prices for a limited period of time keeping in mind the global crisis. Air separation is used for separating the atmospheric air into its constituent parts, that is, oxygen, nitrogen and argon. All these are non-metallic elements and are used widely in industrial applications. Nitrogen is the largest industrially produced gas because of its extensive industrial applications. Oxygen is the 2nd largest industrially generated gas as it is widely used in numerous applications besides being essential for sustaining life on the planet Earth.

High Quality Manufacturing & Competitive Pricing

We are one the leading air separation plant manufacturing companies in India. It is but natural that we are trusted for our commitment for making globally competitive products. It goes without saying that we got an amazing response when we offered air separation unit for sale. Customers from across the globe lapped it up. The products are available at such attractive prices for a limited period of time and will soon be offered their old prices. High quality materials are used in the making of the plant machinery. We are one of the few manufacturers that use high grade stainless steel in the fabricating. And, we also use argon welding in the construction of air separation units.

Impressive ROI With Low Operational & Maintenance Cost

Undeniably, installation of air separation unit is capital-intensive but the return on investment is really very impressive which makes oxygen gas business a promising endeavor.  It is reported that our clients are able to break even within two years. Our ASUs have a long life cycle over 25 years which is a lot of time to earn off the machinery. Our units also offer low operational and perform for years requiring minimum investment.