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We are leaders in manufacturing, fabricating and supplying air separation plant with the latest cryogenic distillation technology. Our manufacturing quality has earned the trust of customers from all over the globe. We offer the most competitive air separation plant manufacturer estimation cost which is another factor of our popularity with the customers world-wide. The best quality materials and components are used in the fabricating. Our Boschi technology based on fractional distillation is the most used in the air separation industry. It is considered as ideal for making plants that can generate high purity oxygen and nitrogen. This technology is the preferred choice for making industrial gas machines with large capacities.














Customer interested in the Industrial gas business can contact our sales for air separation plant estimation cost. We also provided detailed feasibility reports so that the clients have the clearest picture of the industrial gas market. The report contains market trends, arrival of new technologies, safety and maintenance instruction. In fact, getting the report is very advantageous at the beginning of the business since it gets you acquainted with the industrial overall view. With this detailed information on the industry, you can go ahead and install the air separation system.

Our focus is on attaining excellence in manufacturing of air separation plants. We have got experience and talented engineers and technicians with years of experience in designing machinery with precision & neatness. We comply with internationally approved standards and have got ISO 9001:2015 and CE certification. Quality is one of the factors that we are very particular about along with pricing. Our machinery is considered at par with the best in terms of durability, reliability and performance. When you are looking to purchase air separation machinery, you can first request air separation estimation cost. After the purchase , we will ensure smooth installation, commissioning and starting-up.