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We manufacture, fabricate and export 500 liter/hour cryogenic nitrogen plant. Our company is reputed for using advanced cryogenic technology for fabricating liquid nitrogen (LIN) plants.  Moreover, our LIN plant is also able to generate high purity liquid oxygen (LOX).  Customers can also customize the plant machinery to generate 50% gaseous nitrogen and 50% gaseous oxygen.  LIN plants are manufactured with high grade leak-proof stainless steel column, high quality components and used skid mounted platform of installation. And, we make LIN plants in technical collaboration with ING. L. A. Boschi, Italy. Boschi technology is trusted for its efficiency, reliability and performance.

Detailed product description

UBTL-500 liter/hour cryogenic nitrogen plant is used for producing liquid nitrogen with purity up to 99.99%, which is sufficient for both medical and industrial oxygen. This model can generate LIN up to 500 liters/hour at pressure of 150-200 bar.   Each of our LIN plant is thoroughly tested for its performance, reliability and efficiency. Our LIN plants are fully automated allowing a single operator to run them.  The plants are equipped with digital color display panel that monitors the purity of nitrogen. Whenever nitrogen purity falls below the set limit, the plant stops running. The panel can also be set to sound an alarm when purity falls.

Competitive advantage

High quality

Low pressure process

Low power consumption

Boschi technology

Solid design

Technical specifications and other details

For customers interested in purchasing   500 liter/hour cryogenic air separation plant, it is recommended that you should contact our sales team requesting technical specifications of plant. Our sales representative will get back to you with cryogenic nitrogen plant quote and detailed feasibility report on installation and subsequent economics.  Our Plant machinery offers the best ROI (return on investment).  ROI breaks even in two around two years.

MODEL: –   500liter/hour.

PRODUCTION CAPACITY:    Liquid Nitrogen= 500liter /hour

PURITY–   Nitrogen 99.99%

Why purchase from us

There are many benefits of buying cryogenic nitrogen air separation plants from us. We delivered liquid nitrogen plants fabricated with advanced technology complying with the best international quality standards. We have been awarded with CE & ISO 9001:2008 certifications.  We have highly trained& experienced engineers and technicians that will take care of everything from installation, commissioning, erection and start-up of the plant at client site.

If you are interested in buying cryogenic nitrogen plant, you can request for detailed technical specifications and quote, you can stay assured that we will offer you plant machinery at reasonable prices with fixed delivery time-frame. Our professional after sales service will take care of maintenance and other requirements.