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We manufacture and export 100m3/hour cryogenic nitrogen gas plant to medium to small scale industries all across the globe. Advanced technology and solid designing is used in the making of air separation plant allowing it to produce gaseous nitrogen (GAN). Our manufacturing is accomplished in technical collaboration with ING. L. A. Boschi, Italy. Our GAN plant can easily be customized to produce 50% gases nitrogen and 50% liquid nitrogen. We employ high-grade stainless steel column to give solidity and durability to the machinery. Our GAN/LIN plants are distinguished by their reliability, efficiency and durability. Best quality components are used in the making of the machinery. Internationally approved manufacturing processes are employed.

Detailed product description

UBTN- 100m3/hour nitrogen gas plant produces nitrogen through liquefaction of atmospheric air in the air separation unit (ASU).  Our GAN plant is able to generate gaseous nitrogen with purity up to 99.99%, which meets industrial and medical specifications.  This model is able to generate 100m3/hour gaseous nitrogen at a pressure of 150-200bar. Every plant is run through rigorous testing before it is cleared for sale to clients. The products are put through strict quality control measures to ensure every machine performs at the highest level. Our GAN plants are completely automated so it can be easily run by even a single operator.  Our nitrogen gas plant is equipped with digital color display color panel that monitor the purity of nitrogen.   If the purity level drops below the prescribed limit, nitrogen gas plant stops working.

Competitive advantage

  •  Advanced technology
  • Low pressure process
  • Low power consumption
  •  Boschi technology
  • Solid design

Technical specifications and other details

We are trusted for delivering 100 m3/hour nitrogen gas plant that can be customized to variety of configurations and specifications. Customers can contact our sales team for getting detailed technical specifications & quote nitrogen gas plant. Our sales representative will provide you complete technical specifications and the best quote for nitrogen gas plant.  It is recommended that you avail a comprehensive feasibility report on installation and industrial business dynamics.  The ROI (return on investment) delivered by our machinery is impressive breaking even between one and half & two years.

  • MODEL:UBTN– 100
  • PRODUCTION CAPACITY: Nitrogen= 100 m3 /hour delivering 400 cylinders per day
  • PURITY–   Nitrogen 99.99%

Why purchase from us

Customers can count on many benefits if you choose to buy 100 m3/hour gas nitrogen air separation plants from us. Our company is known for delivering high quality gaseous nitrogen plants with the latest technology, designs and international quality standards.  For strict quality control, we have been awarded with CE & ISO 9001:2008 certifications.  Our engineers will complete installation, commissioning, erection and starting-up of the machinery at client’s site.

Looking to purchase a nitrogen gas plant, we are one of the best nitrogen gas plant manufacturers offering nitrogen plant machinery at attractive prices. Contact our sales team for technical details and prices, you will receive all the important details like  prices and technical specifications.