Oxygen Nitrogen Gas Filling Plant

Oxygen nitrogen gas cylinder filling plant is used by industries for generation of oxygen and nitrogen. We use high quality raw materials in the fabricating of high quality machinery and components used in our manufacturing are bought only from the best vendors in the market. Our reputation for offering high quality air seaparation plants is based on the superior technology and superb designing. It is always our effort to ensure that fabricating and manufacturing is done in comliance with international standards and procedures. For our adherence to quality control measures, we have been awarded ISO 9001:2008 and CE certifictions.

Oxygen nitrogen gas plants and air separation plant manufacturer carry a lot of new and updated features so they are demanded all over the world. We, supported by trained workforce and well equipped production units, are an internationally approved company for manufacturing and exporting oxygen nitrogen gas plant & equipment, which perform as per the liquid oxygen pump technology. Apart from the products, our services are also customer friendly. We revert to our customers with the solutions in no time. We also have running plants at our facilities so that our potential customers can have a look of a running machine. Prices are also competitive in order to increase customer base and retain them. Our discounts and promotional offers are also offered.

Our company acquires the technology and designing expertise from ING. L. & A. BOSCHI of Italy as the Italian company working in the industry since 1930 and has acquired the desired skills. It has world class research and development department in order to evaluate and update existing designs, products and services. The oxygen and nitrogen generating machines give guarantee of highly pure output, which is upto 99.7% oxygen and 99.99% nitrogen. We offer diverse capacity plants ranging from 20 m³/hour to 10000 m³/hour and can modify as per the requirement of our customers.

Oxygen Nitrogen Gas Filling Plants

UB-400 M3/Hr

Features Oxygen Nitrogen Gas Plants

The systems we manufacture perform in the international market in sync with CE norms and ISO standards. Until now, we have supplied over 500 machines and equipments in over 50 countries, including Germany, UAE, America, England, Saudi Arabia, Japan, France, Iraq, Iran, Nigeria and Yemen. All are performing smoothly for years without malfunctioning. Our engineers remain ready to provide after sales and support services. In order to compete the plants of international market, we have formed an R&D unit, which analyzes the industry and updates our products accordingly. The unit is run under the supervision of senior engineers who have years of experience in the field of designing, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of all types of plants.

We also have a well equipped customer care department, which performs under the guidelines and supervision of engineers. The executives provide instant answers to the questions of our existing as well as potential customers. Even technical quotation along with ongoing offers and discounts are also available within minutes. Sometimes, the executives may ask some questions in order to understand your requirement and prepare technical quotation. If you want to increase the production by 20 to 25%, you need to inform in advance. We will manufacture the machine keeping in mind your requirement. Capacity can be increased just by adding a few equipments.

Five Step: Boschi Process for Manufacture of Oxygen & Nitrogen

Technical Table :

Name of the Models UB - 20 UB - 30 UB - 50 UB - 80 UB - 100 UB - 150 UB - 200 UB - 300 UB - 400 UB - 500 UB -1000
Capacities (Cubicmeter/hr) 20 30 50 80 100 150 200 300 400 500 1000
No. of Cylinders in a Day
80 100 200 300 400 600 800 1200 1600 2000 4000
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