Liquid Nitrogen Generator Plant

Air separation plant and liquid nitrogen plants of our organization are manufactured in compliance with an internationally acclaimed Italian company ING. L. & A. BOSCHI. This Italian company is worldwide popular for its technology and designing expertise. Capacity ranging from 20 cum/hr to 10000 cum/hr, the liquid nitrogen generating plants generate nitrogen and oxygen with purity upto 99.99% and 99.7% respectively. They have carved a niche for itself in the industry for a number of features such as compact design, automatic functioning, sturdy construction, high efficiency and lower power consumption.

Our products are services are uncommon in the industry so our customer base is increasing by manifold. With state of the art designs, technology and established manufacturing facilities spread out in various locations all over India & Asia and sales located in New Corporate Region (NCR) of Delhi, India, we are dedicated to supplying the latest in Cryogenic Technology constantly striving to improve our products through continuous research and development. Dedicated research and development team is also nurtured by our company to update technology and designs. Also, Manufacturers & Suppliers of liquid oxygen generator plant, acetylene generator plant, oxygen gas generator plant and medical oxygen generator plant, oxygen nitrogen gas filling plant, and PSA oxygen plant.

Liquid Nitrogen Plant

UBTLN-200 M3/Hr

Features of Liquid Nitrogen Generator Plant

Due to the quality and performance of our products, our company is awarded with a number of international certifications, including ISO and CE. CE certification is a mark of best quality and it is mandatory for supplying products in the USA and European markets. Even after running a plant successfully, we keep track on the performance of machines and provide help to our customers so that the systems remain functional for decades. We design and manufacture low maintenance and high performing systems, which help our company to rule the world market.

Our customer care executives are round the clock accessible through all mediums of communications. Whether you call us, email us and send message, we would contact you in no time. The executives are professionally trained to solve queries of each customers. To get technical details and quotations of our liquid oxygen plants, just get in touch with our customer care departments. Our after sales services are excellent. Till date, we have over 500 clients all over the world and most of them are highly satisfied.

Liquid Nitrogen Producing Plant Performance

There are five basic processes of producing liquid nitrogen and oxygen, which include compression, purification, cooling, separation and cylinder filling.

Compression : We use advanced and air cooled air compressors to compress the atmospheric air. The device has a suction filter to suck the atmospheric air and leave behind the impurities mixed with it.

Pre cooling system : The second stage of the process uses a low pressure refrigerant for pre-cooling the processed air to temperature around 12 deg C before it enters the purifier.

Purification : Even after employing high quality air compressors, which has attached suction filters, some few impurities for instance carbon dioxide, dusts, etc. get inside with the air. Such impurities are removed in this second stage by using process skid.

Cooling : The purified air must be cooled down to -165 to -170 degree centigrade so as to make the air liquid. Reason being; liquid air gets separated easily. For the purpose, we have high end and advanced expenders.

Air separation : Once the air gets liquid, the air separation units separate the air into oxygen and nitrogen. We use stainless steel units as they do not react with oxygen and thus guarantee of pure outputs.

Tank/Cylinder filling : It is the final step, where we have liquid oxygen pumps to fill in cylinders at the required pressure. With liquid oxygen pumps, there is no gas/liquid loss while tanks/cylinders are being filled in.

Technical Specification of Liquid Nitrogen Plants

Production UBTLN-50 UBTLN-100 UBTLN-200 UBTLN-250 UBTLN-300 UBTLN-400 UBTLN-500
Mode 2 : Liquid Nitrogen (Nm3/hr) 50 100 200 250 300 400 500
Liquid Nitrogen (L/hr) 73 145 218 290 435 578 724
Liquid Nitrogen (%) 99.99 99.99 99.99 99.99 99.99 99.99 99.99
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