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Acetylene plants generate acetylene gas, which finds application is a number of medical and industrial establishments. With the capacity ranging from 20 m3/hr to 200 m3/hr, the acetylene producing plants are based on the most modern and latest designs and drawings of ING. L. & A. BOSCHI of Italy. Every part has been carefully designed by experienced engineers so that the machines perform exceptionally. Each equipment is made of the best material. Each part of the machines has been accurately made and carefully inspected before being assembled. We ensure that our customers get an efficient and dependable acetylene generating plant.

Our organization manufactures the acetylene producing machines as per the Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS) quality approval, ISO 9001:2000 certification and CE norms. Without CE approval, no products are accepted in USA and European markets. All weld joints are subject to dp test at every layer, 100% radiography and then finally subjected to hydraulic test. All the components are engineered to the proper design and drawings. Our machines ensure advanced design, incorporate several features not ordinarily found in other generators. This one is a fully automatic plant with twin hoppers and does not need the attention of operator on a frequently basis. Also, Manufacturers & Suppliers of liquid oxygen generator plant, liquid nitrogen generator plant, air separation unit manufactures, oxygen gas generator plant and medical oxygen generator plant, oxygen nitrogen gas filling plant.

Acetylene Generator plant


Features of Our Acetylene Gas Plants

We have fully functional and equipped production units to design and manufacture plants and equipments. Quality comes at priority so we do not compromise with the quality and technology. On the other hand, the acetylene plants are fully automatic, so the entire operation is perfectly synchronized to give maximum efficiency and simplicity in operation. They are technologically very advanced so any type of failure, whether it is of power supply, water supply, instruments air supply failure, is signaled visually as well as audibly by an alarm bell.

Our air separation plant manufactures and acetylene plants are manufactured in NCR region of New Delhi, India, and supplied all over the globe due to exceptional performance and reliability. Once installed, they perform for years without much maintenance. People visit us from all over the universe to view our running machines.

Components of Acetylene Plants

Acetylene Generator : The acetylene generator is stationary carbide to water automatic generator with twin hoppers. Acetylene is generated as a result of the chemical reaction between calcium carbide and water. The generator is designed to generate acetylene at a pressure of 7 psi. Acetylene Generator CE quality acetylene world class generator with twin carbide charging.

Condenser : The condenser cools the air down and purifies the gas thereby condensing the excessive moisture. Cooling water is circulated on the shell side from bottom to top. Condenser is designed to suit all local conditions provided sufficient water flow is maintained.

Low Pressure Dryer : This is a pressure vessel charged with solid anhydrous carbide which absorbs the moisture in the gas.

Purifier : This is a large vessel provided with two sectors by wire mesh frame network. Each section by wire meshes frame work. Each sectors are charged with purifying mass which absorbs gases like hydrogen sulphide, phosgene etc.

Ammonia Scrubber : This equipment has a vertical vessel filled with a level gauge and water make-up line. A particular as marked on the level indicator has to be maintained. The ammonia scrubber all the water soluble impurities like ammonia.

Acetylene Compressor : The acetylene compressor is a three stage machine which is immersed in water filled tank to avoid any pressurized gas to come in contact with air and also to make sure that all the components are continuously cooled. The compressor is drawn by flame proof motor from outside the tank.

High Pressure Dryer : The high pressure dryer consists of three columns. The first column is filled with packing to avoid any void and for proper mixing and the second and third are filled with anhydrous calcium chloride.

Acetylene Filling Manifold : The acetylene gas manifold consists of two headers fitted with non-return valves, one flash back arrestors, pressure gauge and manual isolation valves.

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