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Top leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of air separation plant to Latin America, Africa and Middle East, UK, and Worldwide Countries from India. Cryogenic air separation plant is an indusrial system which is used for generating oxygen and nitrogen for application in medical and industrial applications. Our oxygen nitrogen plants are preffred by customers all over the globe because of superior technology is used in the making of the machinery. We have skilled and trained technicians at our factory who have been manufacturing industrial air separation plant, cryogenic air separation unit, cryogenic air separation process, cryogenic air separation plants. The other adavantge for customers to buy from us is competitve price. Air separation plant generates oxygen by tapping air from the atmosphere, which is then run through cleanup system for cleaning impurities. Every air separation unit is known to perform smoothly, require low power and low upkeep expenses besides delivering high yield.

We are trusted air separation plant unit & air separation plant manufacturer and supplier in Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Sudan, Nigeria,Yemen, South America, Mauritania, Cameroon, Morocco, Ghana, Fiji, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Peru, Vietnam and Syria. Now, the air is directed ino the high pressure distillation column where the air gets separated into nitrogen and oxygen. Herafter, the air is passed into the low pressure distillation column where oxygen is formed in the upper collumn while nitrogen is formed at the bottom of distillation column of the air separation plant. In the low pressure dislation column of the air seaparation plan unit, oxygen and nitrogen are distilled till they meet the commercial specifications.

Air separation unit process flow diagram, cryogenic air separation plant process and air separation unit cost. Advanced process control for continuous optimisation of plant production in line with customer requirements, offers a comprehensive range of services and solutions to keep your air separation plant at peak performance. Over 300 air separation plants in over 45 countries worldwide, in all types of applications. Our engineering’s containerised air separation plants are modular plants producing nitrogen and oxygen. Our plants are environmentally friendly, clean and energy efficient, suitability for all climatic conditions.


Our Italian technology, which is very advanced and up-to-date, makes us popular among customers looking for fully automatic & high performing machines. The technology not only enhances life span of the machines, but also makes sure a machine runs smoothly for years without malfunctioning. Our air separation plant manufacturers is characterized by the use of high quality components. Materials used in the manufacturing is sourced only from the approved vendors.

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